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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Yes any individual having the following type of Income can go for Taxmanager services:-

  • Income From Salary.
  • Income from House Property.
  • Income from sales of saving schemes like Shares, Mutual Funds Units, Bonds.
  • Income from other sources (Interest from investments, dividends, income from winning lottery or horse race etc).

  • Register with Taxmanager.in and fill your Personal Information.
  • Enter the relevant financial details like Income sources, Investments, Expenditure, Losses etc.
  • Taxmanager.in generate your return based on this data.
  • View your tax computation and review other information.
  • Make a payment to Taxmanager.in based on the Filing Plan you chose.
  • Authorize Taxmanager.in to efile your Income Tax Return.
  • Receive an Acknowledgement via eMail (if return is signed digitally).

  • Go to My Account page.
  • Click on Create New ITR and provide it an appropriate name.
  • Click on Submit button.
  • ITR will add in the My Account Page.
  • Click on the Edit Button for inserting and updating the information.

  • After Creating your ITR Click on the Edit Button for inserting the information
  • Follow Personal Information link for fill your personal details.
  • Follow Salary Link for fill the information of your income sources and other financial details.
  • Follow Deduction link for fill the information of Investments and Expenditures.
  • Follow the others link like Losses, Tax Computation, Bank Details, Filling Status, AIR Details, Verification and fill the related information.

  • Follow the Income Link on My ITR Page.
  • Click on the Edit Button on Income Summary page for Providing the details of Income Source.
  • Go through Income From Salary if you have income from Salary.
    1. Click on Edit button for providing Employer's Detail.
    2. Provide the Employer Information as mention in your Form-16
    3. Click on Save & Continue with form-16 button.
    4. Fill the details of your Income as mention in the Form-16
    5. Provide the Investment and Deduction details.
    6. Click on the Save and Continue button.
    7. Follow the same process if you have more than one Form-16.
  • Income from House Property: Provide information about the income you are getting from your house-hold properties. If you don't have that income then fill the amount of interest on housing loan from Form-16 provided by your employer.
  • Income from Capital Gain: The income you are withdrawing through Mutual Funds, Shares, Bonds and Other Capital assets
  • Income from Other Sources: The income you are getting from family pension, agricultural, Rent, lottery, gift etc.
  • Clubbing of Income: Provide details of the particular person if you want to clubbed your income with your family members.

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